Abdominal Transplant Surgeon
Career Certification Pathway

Applications for this pathway will open Fall 2024!
The Step 1 application will be open from November 18 - December 17, 2024.



This certification is for applicants whose primary surgical career is in Abdominal Transplant Surgery and completed an ASTS or TACC accredited Abdominal Transplant Surgery Fellowship Training Program from January 1, 1998 to December 31, 2018. Candidates must also have an active (non-expired) license to practice and, at a minimum must have performed at least one (1) abdominal transplant surgery or donor procurement operation in the last two (2) years. 

If you completed fellowship since 2019, please refer to the Fellowship Certification Pathway.


Certification Application

There are two steps to the application process.

Step 1: 

Applicants will be required to submit the following to determine eligibility:

  • a completed application form, 
  • their ASTS/TACC Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Completion from their ASTS accredited Fellowship Training Program, 
  • name and contact information of the peer they have asked to complete the Career Certification Pathway Peer Validation Form, and
  • a $250 nonrefundable fee.  

Please click here to read the requirements before applying to the Career Certification Pathway.

Step 2: 

Once approved, candidates can move to the second step of the application. By the September 29 deadline,

  • candidates will be required to submit a transcript from the ASTS National Transplant Curriculum confirming completion of 20 modules. Note: The TACC will consider modules completed in the last 5 years.
  • the Peer Validation Form must be completed by a Transplant Division Chief, Surgery Department Chair, or other senior peer the candidate has worked with over the past two years.
  • and credit card information for the $500 certification fee. A hold for this amount will be placed on the candidate’s credit card but will not be charged until the TACC has approved step 2 of their application. 
  • Once the TACC has reviewed and approved an application, the candidate’s credit card will be charged the $500 fee. If certification is not approved, the hold on a candidate’s card will be voided.


Candidates who successfully complete all requirements of the TACC Career Certification Pathway will receive the designation of Certified Abdominal Transplant Surgeon and will be a diplomate of the Transplant Accreditation & Certification Council. Certificants will be acknowledged at the next ASTS Winter Symposium (this is not a ceremony).


The TACC reserves the right to make changes to the rules and procedures for its certification at any time and without prior notice.