Fellowship Certification Webinar


Below are questions that were received during the TACC Fellowship Certification Pathway Webinar

Q: Who is eligible for the Fellowship Certification Pathway?
A: The TACC Fellowship Certification Pathway is available for fellows that have successfully completed a TACC Accredited Abdominal Transplant Surgery Fellowship Training Program in 2019 and beyond.

Q: Is the certification going to be organ specific and HB specific?
A: The TACC Abdominal Transplant Surgeon certification will not be organ specific. Candidates who successfully complete all requirements will receive one certification.

Q: Is the fellowship certification pathway only available for surgeons working in US?
A: No, the fellowship certification pathway will be available for US or non-US surgeons who have successfully completed a TACC Accredited Fellowship Training program, have been in practice for one to five years, and have an active license to practice.

Q: What is the importance of this certification pathway?
This certification will give you recognition for your training and acknowledgement that you are a Certified Abdominal Transplant Surgeon. This certification is optional but is strongly encouraged. It will validate your training and accomplishments.

Q: Is the purpose of case log submission to determine the extent of the transplant practice or will questions during the oral exam be asked related to the details of the cases?
 The surgical log and case log submission for the oral exam are separate requirements. Candidates are asked to submit the surgical log of their current practice. The case submission for the oral exam will be three cases that will be included in the candidate’s oral exam. Examiners will not pick cases from the candidate’s surgical log.  

Q: Can I become certified in the Fellowship Training Pathway if I do not apply within the one to five years of practice? Can I enter into the next pathway at that point?
A: No, fellows who complete training in 2019 and beyond are only eligible to apply for certification within the Fellowship Certification Pathway. If a candidate misses the opportunity to apply within the one to five years, the candidate is not eligible to join the next certification pathway for individuals who complete training from 1998 – 2018.   

Q: If someone is completing a second fellowship, can they apply for certification during the second fellowship?
A: No, completing a second fellowship would not meet the in-practice requirement. You must be in-practice for one to five years to apply for certification so you should start the process after you complete your second fellowship and are in-practice.