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About ASTS

The American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) was founded in 1974 by 127 surgeons to unite the professionals who were advancing the fledgling field of organ transplantation.


From this small group of dedicated individuals, we have grown to represent over 2,000 transplant professionals who are dedicated to saving and improving lives through the transformative power of organ donation and transplant surgery. 

Thomas Starzl
ASTS founding president, Thomas E. Starzl, MD, PhD

Mission Statement

ASTS advances the art and science of transplant surgery through patient care, research, education, and advocacy.

Vision Statement

Saving and improving lives through the transformative power of organ donation and transplant surgery.

Strategic Plan

We are blazing our own trail for the future under the guidance of our 2021-2024 strategic plan. 

Read our full strategic plan here!

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Core Values

We operate by these core values: 

Integrity - We hold ourselves to a standard of professionalism that includes an awareness of our own imperfections as we seek fairness, justice, and inclusivity. Our behavior is guided by the awareness that we must continuously earn public trust that makes transplantation possible.

Excellence - We commit to setting and achieving ambitious goals as we serve our members, our patients, and society at large.

Forward Focus - We look toward the horizon and support those who are crafting innovative solutions to the problems our members and their patients face.

Respect - We treat our patients, our colleagues, and our collaborators with respect, engaging in constructive debate and supporting each other in our work to save and improve lives.

Diversity - We cultivate the diversity of personal characteristics and individual qualities both in transplantation and among our members. Diversity is integral to the moral code by which we connect lives.

Compassion - We strive to emulate the generosity and courage of the donors and their families who make transplantation possible and to offer hope to our patients. 


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