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Surgeon Spotlight: Amit K. Mathur, MD, MS, FACS

Apr 5, 2023, 23:13 PM by Anna Shults
Learn more about Amit Mathur, MD, MS, FACS.

Who was your earliest professional influence?

My parents were my first professional influence. Both my mother and father immigrated to the US from India seeking professional success and a better future than what they saw for themselves at home. They were educated in the US and developed as professionals in the US.

From my earliest memories, I learned that professional success comes from an iterative, dedicated, and continuous commitment to a goal and commitment usually means sacrifice. These are important lessons that we never overtly discussed but were observed, day-to-day, month after month, or year-after-year.

What are you most proud of personally and professionally?

Amit Mathur and WifePersonally, I am blessed to have a wonderful family and rich friendships. My wife Soniya and I have three young sons, Ashwin (12) Sanjay (9), and Avi (5). We enjoy wonderful relationships with our siblings and extended family across the country and world. 

Professionally, I am profoundly grateful to work with a wonderful team at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, where I am a liver, kidney, and pancreas transplant and HPB surgeon. We have grown a large clinical transplant program which is invigorating. I deeply enjoy the relationships within our team.  Working with my colleagues makes it fun. I’ve enjoyed my role as a leader in transplant quality and compliance for Mayo Clinic. I also enjoy my role as a transplant fellowship director and helping to train the next generation. I am also proud to be a part of the program team for the National Living Donor Assistance Center, which has been growing each year.

My ongoing research on living donation and on transplant clinical outcomes is anSurgeon Headshots (31) immense source of pride. I have been honored to receive both the ASTS Vanguard Award and the Rising Star in Transplantation Award, which are very meaningful to me not just because they come from my peers but also because other recipients have been so influential in our field.

What is your favorite pastime or hobby?

Hands down, I love playing golf. It gives me an escape, which is so important. I love watching sports. Particularly after a late transplant, I love watching a little SportsCenter and hanging out with our dog Sedona. I also love movies.

If not transplant, what?

It depends – in medicine, I love surgery, so I think I might have been a cardiac surgeon, which may be a pretty boring answer but an honest one. I am very interested in the business of medicine, which shapes so much of how we deliver care.

Outside of medicine, I am fascinated by so many things in so many fields. I am a data nerd. I am continuously interested in economics and finance.

What was the best piece of advice you have received?

Get up. Keep going - my mother.

What is your favorite drink?

Triple espresso americano for induction. 

Topo Chico or unsweetened iced tea for maintenance.

For the fun occasional beverage, whiskey. 

What's your favorite movie?

Too many to count. Working my way through the AFI Top 100. 

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